How can I search for a particular ornament/product?

Every product that you see on our website or in our retail outlets is barcoded and has a unique number 5-digit number to identify it. This is the code number of that particular item.
                                                                Example for Barcoded Items

You can use this 5-digit code to search the individual product. (i.e. 83063) If you want to see a collection of similar products, you can simply search for the type of jewellery i.e necklace sets, bangles, bracelets, etc.

Certain kinds of jewellery have very ethnocentric names and several variations for the same name. This may lead to issues when searching for products. In that case, please try to use the most common spelling for jewellery or try an English name. For example, let us consider black beads mangalsutra. In Telugu, it's called Nalla Pusalu. You might try to enter different variations of the word, but it's best if you search for Black Beads instead.

If you're still facing issues with searching for a particular item, contact us @ +91 897-809-9777 and we'll try our best to help you out!

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