Can I contact you on Social Media?

Definitely! We love social media too :)

We post our latest products and collections regularly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
Most of the images and videos that you find have links to the product pages, where you can see all the details and then make a purchase. We have also opened up a channel on Youtube, where you can check out videos of our jewellery.

In case you need any help, You can message us on Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram. We also understand that you might be a bit busy and in a
rush to get help. Don't worry. We're on WhatsApp too! Message us at +91 897-809-9777, and we'll respond ASAP to help you out.

In case you wish to speak to our Sales/Support Team, call us at+91 897-809-9777(online) or+91 924-628-9366(retail).

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