How should I store my jewellery for safekeeping?

Our designer fashion jewellery ornaments are made with fine quality, make and finish. You can trust that our jewellery will show minimal wear-and-tear over its lifetime. But imitation jewellery, even of the best quality, will eventually lose some shine and polish.

We recommend taking proper safekeeping measures to ensure optimal lifetime for your ornaments. Every ornament purchased from us comes in a heavy-duty reusable plastic box and a custom-made environmental-friendly jute bag for storage. We highly advise you to keep your jewellery in the packing provided as these are designed for long-term storage of imitation jewellery.

NOTE: Do not store any imitation jewellery in velvet boxes/gold jewellery boxes. The chemicals in the velvet boxes can cause serious damage to your ornament, including:

  • Discolouration
  • Loss of Polish/lustre
  • Corrosion of metal links

If you have any queries regarding packing and storage, feel free to contact us for help!

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