Do I have to pay for Customs Duties? Are there any workarounds?

Short answer: Yes, you have to pay for Customs Duties. These are taxes set by the importing country on imported goods and can vary from country to country. However, it doesn't mean that everyone outside India has to pay customs. There are special provisions for neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on certain goods. Moreover, due to special trade agreements between countries like USA and India, you can be relieved from having to pay hefty amounts on customs, provided the goods belong to special categories and under a certain value.

For example: If you are a US customer, and are looking to get your order shipped to the USA from India, then you won't need to pay any customs duties on the imported imitation jewellery as long as the value of the order is less than $800. So, in most cases for your online purchases, you might not be contacted by DHL to pay for the order if you buy from the USA.

Note: For our customers in the UK, you will need to pay for Customs Duties on every order made. Unfortunately, these duties cannot be avoided, and while we'd love to make everything easy, these charges are out of our hands. If you are facing any issues with Customs Duties, please reach out to our Customer Support and we'll try our best to help you.

Are there any other options? Luckily, Yes.
If you have a relative living in Hyderabad or nearby any of our branches, we can deliver the order to them. They can then send the items to you either personally or through a delivery channel, whichever is more applicable to you. That way, you may be able to minimise expenses on Customs Duties.

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