How long does it take to deliver my order?

Orders are usually processed within 1 day of making a purchase and are then sent to our courier service for delivery. On average, this process takes around 2-3 business days. After which, the package will be delivered in 5-7 working days. Also please note that orders placed on the festivals, weekends, or on public holidays may be delayed due to logistic issues.

In short, all orders will be given an estimated delivery time of 5-10 working days.

For International Orders:
Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days of placing the order. We then dispatch the order package for International Shipping. It may take 5-10 business days for the delivery to take place.

For International Orders, the overall Estimated Time for Delivery is 5-10 business days.

If you live in and around Hyderabad but wish to purchase online, you'll receive your order within 1-3 days. We try our best to ensure that your order is delivered promptly and without any hassles.

Please check our Shipping Policy for more information regarding Delivery Times and Available Pincodes for Delivery.

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